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dosing photoChart Dosers, a Division of Chart Inc., has a complete line of liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing equipment to dosing systems for inerting/nitrogen flushing and pressurization applications.

Using advanced cryogenic technology, Chart engineers designed an ultra-efficient, double walled, sealed vacuum unit likened to a "high-tech thermos". Typically installed after the filler and before the capper/sealer, it dispenses a measured dose of LN2. Once the LN2 (-320F/-196C) is introduced into the container, it immediately picks up heat and turns into gaseous nitrogen, expanding 700 times in the process. When trapped inside the container, the gaseous nitrogen creates pressure and adds rigidity to the container. For headspace inerting applications, the rapidly expanding gas is allowed to escape before the product is sealed, flushing oxygen out of the container.

Chart provides value-added insight to your production operations. Our application engineers have a wealth of practical LN2 dosing knowledge from hot-fill PET bottles, aluminum tubes, and glass to plastic conversions. We also have experience with a wide variety of products from water to wine; peanuts to pie filling; and ice cream to iced tea.

All systems are easy to operate and can be integrated into new or existing lines. Find out how Chart can help you reduce operating costs, prolong shelf life, and improve product integrity.


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The UltraDoser is the multi-purpose liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing system utilizing advanced cryogenic technology and PLC programming. Compact in size, the UltraDoser is ideal for facilities with space constraints.
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cyberdoser photoThe CryoDoser (available with MicroDose technology) is the premier liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing system. Enhanced features such as the flexible arm and Quick Service Automatic Defrost make this unit ideal for high speed, high production facilities.
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MicroDose Technology
The current direction of the bottling industry is to reduce the weight of the PET containers for cost savings, reduction of petroleum consumption, and the reduction of waste to promote "green" efforts. As a result of this direction, new innovative packaging (flexible, ultra light weight PET) was introduced to the market. The new packaging required much tighter dosing tolerances; generally 5psi +/- 2psi internal pressure. This made the traditional liquid nitrogen dosing technology outdated and ineffective. Our "MicroDose" technology was developed in response to this need.

Today, approximately 25-50 facilities (international and domestic) are using our "MicroDose" technology with results verified by an independent third party. With "MicroDose", bottlers have seen upwards of 40% plastic reduction in the PET bottles. This reduction in plastic equates to approximately $336,000 savings per year (assuming line speeds of 900 containers per minute and $0.70 per plastic pound) and a significant reduction in environmental waste.
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softdose photoOften considered mandatory for hot-fill applications, the SoftDose delivers a gentle dose of LN2 eliminating the violent reaction typically associated with nitrogen dosing for hot-fill.
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AseptiDoser photo The AseptiDoser is the premier multi-head liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing system for aseptic packaging. Chart engineers designed an ultra-efficient system to reduce the sterilization time and nitrogen consumption by 50% when compared to traditional aseptic dosing systems utilizing steam and liquid-to-gas-to-liquid nitrogen sterilization methods. Packaged with our proven non-aseptic LN2 dosing technology, Chart provides a state of the art and economically sound solution for your aseptic dosing requirements.
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